There is a great lack of funding opportunities for digital series; leaving some fantastic stories, with impressive viewership, without enough money to produce 2nd or 3rd seasons. Branduscript connects brands with proven  web series producers and indie filmmakers, already reaching their target audience, as they develop characters
and storylines. We enable true brand integration through scripted content, removing  audience irritating skippable pre-roll ads from your digital strategy. We also represent genre specific creators, ideally suited to connect with brand specific audiences. Our model enables brands to entertain fans, in an engaging and meaningful way.

While art and creativity have always been a passionate exploration throughout his life, Kevin didn't pick up a paintbrush until his thirties. He then quickly put it down once he discovered the unique textures he could create with found objects, clay crafting tools, print making tools, baking tools and everyday household objects. Even before he began painting Kevin was drawn to textures created by time and the elements. He continues to explore this as a theme in his cold wax and oil paintings, on wood. He has even left his pieces outdoors, in good weather and bad, to see how they transform. Most recently Kevin has taken his very  physical painting style outside of his studio, participating in a live painting event called Art Battle.

StoryShare is an evolving social media enterprise, enabling clients to share their stories via content marketing platforms, thus completing the circle of audience engagement thru creative integration of their social media, marketing, PR and communications.